There are a number of ways to give to the Lord. One way is to give during the collection. On the second Sunday of each month, there is a second collection for Sacred Heart English Language Parish. The Parish has no regular or special sources of financial support, so the parish relies on this second collection.

In addition to giving financially, the Parish encourages to give of your time and talents. There are a number of ministries that have begun, and need further support.

In addition, there are a number of potential areas of work that can be explored. If you have any experience or ideas on the following or any new suggestions, please send an e-mail to and share your thoughts. Sacred Heart Parish welcomes any ideas and support, as this is your parish. Some outreach in the past has included:

  • Children’s Christmas pageant
  • Volunteering with the poor (suggestions of organizations or initiatives to support are welcome)
  • Advent Baskets (ongoing, and can be read about in Heartbeat)

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