Sacred Heart is a “Personal” Parish of the Patriarch of Jerusalem and the Vicar for Amman, entrusted to the Jesuits.

On 1 April, 1996, a “personal parish” was established for English-speaking Roman Catholics resident in or visiting Amman, Jordan. The English-language parish  has no special building, but its religious services are offered in Latin-Rite parish churches in areas of the city in which English-speaking Catholics live and work. The pastors of these churches generously provide facilities for the services, but the English-language Jesuit Pastor is responsible for the conduct of worship and all other aspects of parish life.

For those members of the English-language parish, please register via the online form or submit an e-mail to with your details. 

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During seasons of Lent and Easter, choose the “Eastern-General” calendar in the “Settings” option.

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