Sacred Heart Parish has several Ministries, which are essential in the building of the parish and its members.

  • Music Ministry –  Who sings prays twice, is the famous quote of St. Augustine. And we at Sacred Heart want to develop the music in our masses more. You play an instrument, you would like to lead the song of the assembly or you want to be part of a choir/schola. please contact fr. Marc-Stephan  at 079 780-8717.
  • Lectors – Lector training sessions are ongoing and when they occur, in the current edition of HEARTBEAT. For those who have proclaimed the Word at Mass but have not yet received training or those would like to begin, please e-mail to register for upcoming dates of lector trainings.
  • Altar Servers – Assisting at the altar at Mass has been a traditional privilege for centuries, and is now open to boys and girls, men and women. To volunteer for this ministry, contact the Pastor by phone or email. 
  • Extraordinary Ministers of the Eucharist – With a special dispensation from the Bishop, our Parish is allowed to have Extraordinary Ministers of the Eucharist to help distribute Holy Communion at Mass and to take the Sacrament to the sick. In this Vicariate, only men are allowed to serve in this role. Contact the Pastor if you would like to volunteer. 
  • Children’s Liturgy of the Word (CLOW) – At the Saturday Mass at Sweifieh – when it will be possible after CORONA , younger children are invited to go with a volunteer up to the “silent” room overlooking the church, where the Word of God is presented to them in a way they can understand. 

To participate in the above ministries and for further information, please contact

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