Music Ministry

Music  Ministry

Music is one of the important elements of worship. As a Rabbi once said – the Rabbi leads the minds to God, the Cantor leads the hearts to God. St. Augustine is famous for his saying, “He who sings prays twice.”

The role of the music ministry is to work with the Pastor to choose hymns that reflect the readings of the Mass, the theme of the season, and that the congregation either know or can easily learn. The important part of the Mass are the central prayers. Most important is the Great Amen, then the acclamation and the Holy. Other Mass parts can be sung – but if only one thing is sung at the Mass, it should be the Great Amen. Hymns are the least important, but help to bring to congregation together and add beauty and reverence to Communion, to the Offertory and to the opening of the celebration and the recessional.


In September, there will begin a series of informal meetings of anyone who wants to get together and sing. We will work on basic vocal technique, blending voices, and simple harmonies and rounds. The idea is to get together and sing for fun. No commitment, no obligation. Ability to read music not necessary. Desire to sing a necessity. For more information, watch the Heartbeat and the Facebook page and the web site. (And people with instruments are also welcome.) We will also be looking for individuals who are willing to act as Leaders of Song. They will lead the community in song and help give us a focal point in our own singing.

Sessions will be at the Jesuit Center at 7 PM on Wednesday September 6, 13 and 20.

If you would like to be part of the music ministry, please contact Fr. John either by phone or by email. Mass tends to be a time when things are busy and sometimes even hectic, so it is NOT a good time to tell him something. He is the first to admit he will probably forget.