Sacred Heart Parish has several Ministries, which are essential in the building of the parish and its members.

  • Music Ministry – Fr. John is looking to identify “Leaders of Song” who are committed to lead to parish in songs of worship. The parish is also looking for musicians to support musical worship during Mass. A small group of singers is meeting weekly; to join them, contact Jeff VanDorn at 079-662-3346 
  • Liturgical Planning Ministry – Fr. John Sheehan is gathering volunteers for liturgical planning. This committee will involve committed volunteers to meet and plan for upcoming events and feasts. This committee must be creative and innovative, and consider how best to grow and engage the parish community.
  • Lectors – Lector trainings are ongoing and the schedules are on the Calendar page on this website and in the current edition of HEARTBEAT. For those who have proclaimed the Word at Mass but have not yet received training or those would like to begin, please e-mail to register for upcoming dates of lector trainings.
  • Altar Servers – Assisting at the altar at Mass has been a traditional privilege for centuries, and is now open to boys and girls, men and women. To volunteer for this ministry, contact Fr. John.
  • Extraordinary Ministers of the Eucharist – With a special dispensation from the Bishop, our Parish is allowed to have Extraordinary Ministers of the Eucharist to help distribute Holy Communion at Mass and to take the Sacrament to the sick. Iin thie Vicariate, only men are allowed to serve in this role. Contact Fr. John if you would like to volunteer. 

To participate in the above ministries and for further information, please contact

Filipino Ministry – There are masses in Tagalog with some English in Jabal Weibdeh and Jabal Amman to better serve the Filipino community. Please contact for further information.

During seasons of Lent and Easter, choose the “Eastern-General” calendar in the “Settings” option.

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