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Dear Friends!

The Summer 2020 will be something we remember as the long way back to normality or maybe as the peaceful time before the second wave. We do not know, and we cannot make a lot of planning ahead.

Fact is, some people already have left or will leave, others will join our community during or after the Summer. Thanks to all who go, and welcome to all newcomers and guests.

Until further notice we will continue to have the masses as following:

In the Jesuit Center in Jabal Hussein everyday at 8.30 AM. A quiet mass with a short homily. Normally not much singing.

At Our Lady of Nazareth in Sweifieh on Saturday at 5 PM.

And in the “Freres” Church on Sunday at 6 PM.

Other activities will be still reduced under the Summer, but here and there somethings may happen. As announced, here, on Facebook, and in the Heartbeat our weekly newsletter. Confessions, Spiritual Direction and counseling is very possible, even in the current epidemiological situation. Please contact me via email: or WhatsApp +962797808717.

Insha’allah, I can welcome many of in our Churches during the summer.

In the Lord,

fr. Marc-Stephan

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