A Word from Father John Sheehan

October 11, 2019

I am – once again – mildly amazed, always in awe and tremendously gratified at the generosity of people.

Next week on October 18 the Parish, through the care of poor group, will be hosting a picnic at the Jesuit Center for a group of children – mostly orphans – from the SOS Children’s Village. They will have an art activity where they will paint and draw, and then a lunch of their favorite “American food” – hamburgers and pizza and French fries and donuts and sodas. That is a good thing all by itself, but we hope to take it one step further and, selecting the three “best” of the drawings, to put them on t-shirts, sell the shirts and donate the money raised back to the SOS organization. (I believe the technical term is a “win-win.”

The idea came from people in the group and the response has been humbling. People volunteering their time – donating money and equipment  (“Father I can’t come to help out in person but let me give you something for the event.”) – it has been an enriching time helping to get this together.

The generosity of our parish, in the Second Sunday collections, in the receptions for special events and supporting projects like the Advent Basket campaign, the heating project, providing flu shots, the annual Iftar dinner and this newest endeavor, is the public witness of the call of Jesus Christ to love one another. Jesus told the parable of the Good Samaritan; all I have to do is talk about Sacred Heart Parish and the wonderful people we have who put their faith into action again and again.

In the coming week we will, of course, be busy and praying that it does NOT rain on Friday. I suspect we will have fun with the children, especially helping them to exercise their creative powers. And I know I will be offering a special prayer of Thanksgiving for this wonderful and generous parish.

Let us continue to pray – for ourselves, and for each other, and especially for those we are privileged to serve.

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