A Word from Father John Sheehan

February 2, 2019

I usually have a separate message here from the one that appears in the weekly HEARTBEAT, “Ramblings from the Reverend Redactor.” This week, however, I feel the “Ramblings” is so important, I am reproducing it here. 

On February 10, I will mark two years to the day since my arrival in Jordan. Sometimes it seems just yesterday, other times it seems much longer. Anniversaries are always a time for looking back and taking stock, and while I have done that with the production of two parish calendars, and two End of the Year Reports, there are a couple of things that I feel need to be done.

1) A Parish Advisory Committee. Most parishes have a Parish Council of one kind or another. The name may change but their responsibility is real. Because ours is a personal rather than a territorial parish, we are spared some of the obligations that Canon Law imposes. But a group of lay men and women to advise the Pastor is always a good idea, particularly in the area of supervising finances. Pastors come and pastors go, so a group representing the congregation also serves to provide continuity and a sense of history and tradition.

Therefore, this week I will be sending out invitations to some in the Parish to come and serve on the Parish Advisory Committee. I envision three or four meetings a year, with the knowledge that a particular event may suggest an additional meeting from time to time. But the Committee will decide that for themselves. The Pastor will sit in on meetings, but the Committee may have a meeting without him, or may ask him to excuse himself for a conversation, because although they will be advisory (without legal liability or responsibility) they will still be independent.

Should anyone in the parish wish to volunteer to participate in this, please let me know. Simply because you might not receive a letter from me does not mean you and your experience and your willingness to serve will not be welcome. In fact, just the opposite.

2) A Hospitality group. (The name can change.) In some Churches they are called Ushers, or Wardens, or Facilitators. We have a wonderful group of coordinators, but they cannot be everywhere or do everything. I see this group – at least two for each Mass, and in some cases, more – welcoming parishioners and guests, helping with directing traffic and helping people find seats, counting those present at each Mass, handling disturbances or problems, illness or accidents during the Mass, helping to evacuate in case of an emergency.

There would be a training session in each Church – Sweifieh and Freres – especially for evacuation procedures but also for the mechanics of how to proceed in a given situation. This group would take over none of the responsibilities or duties that are currently being done by the Coordinators, but would add to the smooth running of the Mass or special events, especially making all feel more personally welcome.

If this is an activity that you feel called to – ideally no more than once a month if enough people volunteer – please let me know. If people want to volunteer more frequently – and for many it becomes an enjoyable and enriching way of serving the community – that would be lovely. We have existed without it – but I feel that it will be a strong improvement in the weekly Masses.

Thank you for all you do – and thank you for those who will take on additional service to our community, our Church, and ultimately, to God.

And let us continue to pray for one another.

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