Jabal Luweibdeh Church

What we offer:

1. This Mass is usually in Filipino with some English
2. Seminar for Infant Baptism – see the Leadership


JABAL WEIBDEH: Annunciation Church
P.O. BOX 9592
11191 Jabal Luweibdeh, Amman, Jordan
Tel: +962 (06) 463-7440

GPS Coordinates

N31 degrees, 57.327′; E 035degrees, 55.436′


The church is located on the southwestern crest of Jabal Al-Weibdeh, west-southwest of the circle. One approach from King Husayn Street (heading downtown) is to bear right uphill on Mohammed Abdo Street (at the first light after Ar-Razi Street joins King Husayn Street). Follow Abdo Street (bearing right) through an intersection to the circle on the top of the hill. Go halfway around the circle (to the fourth right) and continue downhill through a complex intersection to a stop sign. Continue bearing right, and the church is at the second corner on the right after that stop sign.

For your Taxi or Hotel Concierge: Jabal Weibde, Annunciation Church – Latin Church, Near Paris Square.

In Arabic:

(كنيسة سيدة البشارة) :  جبل اللويبدة –  بجانب دوار باريس (دوار اللويبدة)


During seasons of Lent and Easter, choose the “Eastern-General” calendar in the “Settings” option.

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