Filipino Ministries

FILIPINO MINISTRIES:   Our Patriarch and our Bishop have established a Filipino Chaplaincy, which began in July 2017.    The first appointed priest-chaplain is Fr. Gerald Metal.

Fr. Metal (Phone: 079 666-7539; E-mail:; Facebook: Gerald Bakal) is the ordinary priest for the Catholic community of Jordan who are Filipino.

WHAT WE OFFER:    The Eucharist for Sunday will be celebrated in Filipino Language, along with some English, at scheduled Masses in:

  • Jabal Amman (Sunday at 11:30AM)
    Saint Joseph Church
    Jabal Amman, Amman, Jordan
    Tel: +962 (06) 462-4590
    GPS Coordinates: N31 degrees, 56.936′; E 035degrees, 55.407′
  • Jabal Luweibdeh (Friday at noon)
    Annunciation Church
    11191 Jabal Luweibdeh, Amman, Jordan
    Tel: +962 (06) 463-7440
    GPS Coordinates: N31 degrees, 57.327′; E 035degrees, 55.436′


During seasons of Lent and Easter, choose the “Eastern-General” calendar in the “Settings” option.

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